The Advanced Guide to Grassroots Politics

The Fundamentals of Grassroots Politics

Are you beyond the basics? Are you ready to learn more about being successful in grassroots politics? Ready to find out more about how to have a greater impact on the things you care about?

Then it's time for you to move up to The Advanced Guide to Grassroots Politics. It's Level 3 in the Grassroots Training Series. and it can help you take your political activity (and impact) to the next level.
The Advanced Guide has 83 pages of "how to" guidance covering activity relating to:

* Advanced Lobbying
* Campaigns and elections
* Communications
* Parliamentary procedure
* Volunteer management

If you're ready to find out more about the things you need to know to be even more effective at the grassroots level, this is the guide for you. Click here to purchase and download the e-book now!

When it comes to making a difference in grassroots politics, it's one thing to have the will, but you need to know.

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